Monday, 27 February 2012

A flock of Crochet Birdies...

We managed to have a few days off of work to re-charge our batteries and take some time out. We originally planned to go away, but with the cost, half term falling at that time and unsettled weather we decided against it!  Other than a day trip to Staines basically we had a load of PJ days!!

It did mean that as we settled ourselves in front of the tv for a dvd fest, it meant I was able to pick up the old crochet hook again!

I did have 2 works in progress, which I had been working on leading up to Valentines, and that was 2 ' Love birds '. A continuation from previous hanging bird decorations - I took it a step further and made them a little larger so I could add some heart wings shaped wings !!

I had every intention when I made these to write out a pattern to post on here, but I found it was'nt that simple. As I work free-hand and don't follow a pattern, I don't have a set amount of stitches in each round, so each bird is unique. I tend to go by the look and feel as they grow, dependent on thickness and texture of yarn. I add in or take out stitches where necessary, so they just take their own form. So my next task will be when knitting a new birdie will be to make a note of what i'm actually doing, so hopefully on the next post i will be able to have a pattern available...

I also made 2 more smaller birdies, and have started to add a scalloped edge, as this gives it a nice finish. It is fun making these little creatures as they take on a life of their own, dependant on the colourway and the decorative materials used to embellish them. This means they don't get monotonous to make, although the smaller amount of sewing involved the better for me !

I'm hoping to try doing some flowers soon, firstly it will continue my on-going crochet learning plus I can do some bird and flower combinations in the future especially with Spring around the corner *she adds with hope!

Another exciting venture which is around the corner is "KNIT RELIEF". This is the brainwave of Scarly the founder of 'twitknitclub'. The concept is for club members and any other 'craft maker' can enter their hand-made items and in turn these will be auctioned off on Scarly's facebook page on 15 March and all proceeds will go to charity. So I will be putting forward a couple of Birdies for this. So check back soon for updates and see how you can get involved ...

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