Sunday, 10 April 2016

Wibbly and not so wobbly!

So this week, we've had a week off work, which we haven't had since Oct, so having worked every single season and moved house this was much needed. So lovely to not really have any agenda, and go at our own pace! Unfortunately the weather wasn't the greatest, but we made the best of it.
We had one trip planned to Chichester, to meet up with my Mum. We had a nice wander around the shops, and stopped for coffee. We were able to sit outside, and we had the pleasure of listening to a fantastic busking group Steel Strum.

We ate a pasty in the park, before the heavens opened, so we popped into a local photography exhibition, and looked around clothes shops.

Apart from tackling some more of the unpacking (the boxes have been stored out of sight in the spare room), we took the opportunity of dull days, to work through more boxes.

We did spend a day out on our bikes, this time to the South Downs. It meant a 2 mile cycle initially just to get there, before then having a steep climb up a dirt track. We'd popped some food in our backpack, and we found a bench by a golf course to stop for a breather.

We continued upwards looking for Geos which was our reason for venturing this way, as there's supposed to be a large quantity. We did find 5, amongst different bushes and trees.

The views would be lovely up there, but it started to drizzle on us and this meant a rather precarious ride back down the muddy track, which I can assure you I didn't enjoy one moment of!

We ached so much at the end of the day! I think we need to get our fitness levels up!!

We did get a little beach time, but only because we are lucky enough that the beach is just across the road, so its easy to just pop over for half hour.

Both times we ventured out it was later in the day, and the tide was way out so we were able to pebble dance over the rock pools and get a faraway view of the shoreline

I never tire of sea views, whether they are dark and dramatic or bright and sunny!

Crafting wise, I have carried on with my two projects. I made the decision to continue the Mandala Madness Cal. At moments I have regretted it, as it literally has driven me mad!

Its not the crochet itself that's been tricky, but has shown up my shortcomings of lack of concentration. Especially as the rounds are getting longer, my mind wanders off, and I think I'm in a nice rhythm but in reality I miscount and lose my way! 

So these last two rounds aren't perfect like the centre, and my circles not too circular, I guess 'wibbly' seems to be the common theme in my work at the moment!
But I will persevere as its all a learning curve for me!

I also finished my Wibbly basket!

As I had some washing line leftover of course I had to start another one!
I can see that I may end up with a constant production line of these!!

This one is turning out a lot less wobbly!! although still quite rustic.

Sadly it's back to work tomorrow. I'd just got into a nice crafting routine, working on the Mandala first thing in the morning and the baskets in front of the tv in the evening, but i'll find some way of squeezing them in!


  1. I got addicted to making those washing line baskets too! Such fun and doesn't matter if they are wibbly - which is also my craft style too. Looks like you moved to a nice area!

  2. I love the baskets and the views from your new area are beautiful.

  3. Loving these baskets and that mandala, you really wouldn't know there was a mistake unless you pointed it out. I wonder if it will cause you problems later on with it though?

  4. The South Downs sounds like a great, energetic day out. I love the baskets, especially the red one. The more wibbly the better.

  5. I love following your Geo adventures! The basket and mandalas look fab too. It must be mandala season because I've whipped up a few over the last week (but am using them as glorified doilies!)

  6. The South Downs are beautiful, we are just the other side and often go to the QE Country Park, I think best in the Autumn with all the colours of the leaves.

    Love your baskets and the mandala is so pretty

  7. Looks like you had a great day out on your bikes:) Hope work is fin and you are managing to fit crocheting in:)