Sunday, 20 March 2016

Basket progress...

Short and sweet this week, as work is at it's peak season, so it's all pretty hectic. I just wanted to show you an update of my crochet basket, which currently I would say is at 'Bowl' stage, but I'm loving it so far!!

I think I got the increases a little wrong, but it doesn't show too much as I've continued, and with each row I'm learning!

We did manage a little seaside walk this week, but it did get cut short after an emergency trip to Specsavers to fix one of the lenses in my glasses.

We did the 2 mile walk to Lancing, as we were invited to a family dinner, but only had the opportunity to find one Geo en route...

Until next week, fingers crossed for some more sunny days...


  1. Your bowl/basket is coming along nicely, I think that's the kind of project where tiny mistakes won't notice at all.

  2. Love the crochet bowl. I was hoping to make something like that. I don't think I would have found that geo!

  3. I love the pattern of your crochet basket. I'm excited to see how it looks when it's completed. I hope you're having a wonderful day! Pat :)

  4. yeah. Increases in the round are a pain! You really do have to pretty much "eye-ball" it. whatever. GOOD LUCK with it!
    BTW, I think that Pirate could do with a Parrot yarn-bomb!

  5. Your bowl is looking good. Love the Pirate

  6. ooo I would love to make a crochet bowl, something to add to the list!