Sunday, 8 December 2013

Party time and cosy cowl...

Last Sunday I didn't get the chance to write my blog post, because I was being a dirty stop out. I actually got to go to a Christmas party!!
Hubby's work had a big fancy do. So I had a quick dash home from work, and a quick superman change into my gladrags before catching the coach.

The marquee looked amazing with the ceiling decked with twinkly lights...
There was a house band playing, and tables all layed out for dinner.

We had a four course meal, whilst being entertained by dancers and acrobats.

Later there was much dancing to the DJ and bumper cars too...

On the crafting front its been very slow going as all my time gets swallowed up with work, as working in retail i don't get to enjoy the season.
So sadly I still haven't finished my mini stocking garland, but i'm determined I will finish before the big day.

But I have got a ta dah.....

I did manage to finish my Cowl which is All for ME

I love the multi colours, so its a lovely flash colour to cosy up into on any chilly mornings...


  1. Great colours! Lovely JOB!
    *Wicked* looking Party!! :-D

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely time at your party. I love your cowl - the colors are amazing. Have a great week.

  3. I love your cowl - could you give a tutorial?!!

  4. the cowl is a beauty, gorgeous colours!
    Always fun to go to a swish do and yours looks pretty amazing! :)

  5. Wow, that sounds like quite a fancy work christmas dinner!!

    You Cowl looks lovely, and so soft!! It is so nice making something for oneself every now and again...

  6. Your cowl is beautiful! I love the colors..and it looks cushy and soft :)
    So rare that we make anything for ourselves right? You deserve it <3

    Thanks for sharing with us at the Crochet Awesomeness Party this week! I'm enjoying checking out your website today :) Hope to see you at the party again!

  7. I love the colour and texture of your cowl, it looks lovely

  8. beautiful colours and pattern - love it.

  9. Looks lovely - such cosy colours :o)

  10. Lovely colours, and it looks so soft and cosy.

  11. aww your cowl looks so lovely and cosy, i'm glad you got to finish it! :)