Sunday, 17 November 2013

Birthday outting

This week i've had two trips out.
Firstly, on Monday, my Mum came to visit. We haven't seen each other for awhile, so it was great to catch up. After some lunch, we drove to nearby Staines, where we spent a couple of hours around the shops trying to look for present ideas.
This weekend, we had the novelty of a whole weekend off work. It was my birthday on Saturday so we took the train to Kingston for a day out.

The Christmas lights were up, and we started working our way round the shops.

We found a little traditional little market. Some cute little stalls.

We also found there was a Craft Fair too. With beautiful stalls of handmade goods. And I did manage to pick up a chrissie pressie...

We saw a fantastic duo called 'Idrum', who made drumming fun and exciting to watch.

We stopped for some lunch, before tackling the big Bentalls shopping centre.

It was pretty busy, but it was enjoyable to do something that we don't normally get the chance to.

The hours soon flew by as we were engrossed with all the lovely goodies in the stores. We stayed right till the stores closed, and then spotted a nice little Italian restaurant just as we came out the last store.

A lovely dinner, followed by a scrummy pudding!

After the train journey home, I still had my cards and presents to open.

I was very lucky and was thoroughly spoilt with lots of lovely goodies...

We just finished the night off with a nightcap...

Only a little crafting has happened in my busy week, but I did manage to get 3 little mini stockings completed. I've stuck to traditional red and white, in slight variations of stripe, this i intend to hang as a garland, after i've completed a few more little socks...


  1. How exciting. I live in Kingston, and although I was in town this week end I did not notice that our famous telephone boxes had been spotified. We did see the drummers though, and have plans to visit the craft fair soon.

  2. aww great to hear you had such a lovely birthday!

    great minds think alike re the mini stockings :) yours are adorable! x

  3. so cute those stockings!!! well done! and glad you had a good birthday x

  4. Sounds like such a lovely, fun day out, and your little stockings are so sweet - they'll look fab as a garland :)

  5. Your day in Kingston sounds like my kind od day too! Happy Birthday !

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday. I love your miniature stockings, I'm sure they'll look great as a garland.