Sunday, 11 August 2013

Butterfly progress...

So this week I have continued progressing with the butterfly bunting.
Not got a lot to show for the efforts, as it was small fiddly and slow going.

I did crochet around the edge in the black and am happy with the result.

And crocheted a chain for the antennae and added a bead for the tip.

I still have the rest of them to complete and I need to get them up and displayed on their ribbons.

To give myself a little break from the intricate work, I did whip up another butterfly, as I suddenly had the urge to try one in a glittery yarn. I really love the way this one turned out but I dont like the antennae as I dont feel it is inkeeping with the body as it is the only part with no glitter. I might at least paint the little blue beads gold to tie it in more?

I will be good and finish these before deciding on the next bunting shape.


  1. I love your butterflies, can't wait to see the finished bunting. The sparkly butterfly is great too, I think painting the beads gold would be a fabulous way to co-ordinate your butterfly.

  2. these are so cute! I especially like the one with the sparkly yarn, i think the gold you've used for the outline works really well too, i agree that painting the beads gold could be a really effective finishing touch :) x

  3. The butterflies are going to look lovely as bunting. Looking forward to seeing them all done and dusted.