Sunday, 7 July 2013

Little Bunting!

I mentioned last week that I had been doing a little crafting. Not a great deal with all my trips out,  plus work seems to encroach on my personal time more and more.
So I had whipped up a couple of owls, which i had previously shown a sneaky pic of!  It was just something that I fancied doing out of the blue, a nice quick easy project, a basic shape, nothing too fancy! After completing the main owl, I decided she needed a bubba companion!

I'll admit I've committed crafty naughtiness!! My owls were so close to completion, all that I had left was to stuff and sew them up, but instead I started a new project! The shame of it!!
In my head, for ages, I have wanted to do a collection of mini buntings. A selection of different styles, shapes and patterns. So I started with a flower. The pattern I took from 100 Flowers to knit and crochet book, I chose the Irish Rose, but only did the centre of the pattern, otherwise the mini bunting wouldn't end up that mini!! I did a test piece first, I did find it a bit fiddly in places and I changed a couple of joins to make it easier.

But once I knew what I was doing and I got into the flow, and before I knew it I had a whole bunch!!

I had a lovely reel of dusky pink ribbon tucked away, I knew this would be a perfect compliment for the flowers to hang along.

I wanted the bunting to be the width of my door. By putting a couple of pins in the door-frame I can then interchange the different styles of bunting quite easily.

I'm looking forward to making more, as they are small and easily transportable and doesn't feel too daunting a task in between work shifts. I quite fancy doing a daisy chain as I think that would look really cute, some hearts and maybe some fishies inspired after seeing 'Chickidees' display window! I might do some traditional bunting too, I'll just see where this project takes me!! When I get round to putting these in my Etsy store I will be able to offer the option of different colourways and different lengths if they don't want their bunting to be quite so mini!!!


  1. I had to smile when I rad that bit about making a few changes. Isn't it always that we know better than whoever wrote the pattern? Your bunting is lovely. Daisies would be great too. I can see lots of ideas coming from this one.

  2. I love that book, as it was what got me back into knitting after a lot of years of not. But I have to skip all the crochet flowers, which is a shame as I think they are the best.

  3. Love the bunting! I made some very similar in blue and cream using a flower from the same book as you! I like the idea of a row of daisies :)

  4. great bunting - another change from the flag bunting!

  5. Your bunting is gorgeous. I love the colours you've used.
    Ali x

  6. Your bunting is really lovely - nice colours too. Hope you have a good week.

  7. Craft naughtiness? It's something most crafters are guilty of, we get distracted so easily by the next great idea. Your bunting and owls looks fabulous.

  8. Ooh the unfinished project... I think I finally "lost" one of those on a house move knowing I was never going to finish it!

  9. Love your bunting idea! Really cute! A daisy chsin would look great too. Cc