Sunday, 3 February 2013

Mini handbag hearts

This week I havent had too much spare time, due to plenty of travelling for work.
I did however complete my Personalised Hearts, which i'd started last week.

I just needed to attatch the ribbon, by felting the backs of each heart, and add the buttons for a finishing touch!

I decided to go back to the smaller versions. I had found some little brads and I wondered if  I would be able to use these to adorn some mini hearts. I tried this by making the front of the heart, pushing the brad through, and then felting over the back.

So the 'Handbag Heart Charms' evolved. 

I'm thinking I may look for some different shaped cookie cutters to try some different shapes and ideas to move this forward.

This weeks movies

Bel Ami
Robert Pattinson and Uma Thurman star in this sumptuous Paris-set period drama based on the novella by Guy de Maupassant. Georges Duroy (Pattinson) is a suave and handsome young journalist using his wits and powers of manipulation to make his way in 1890s Paris. In order to ascend the social ladder, Duroy seduces a string of influential society beauties including Madeleine Forestier (Thurman), Virginie Walters (Kristen Scott Thomas) and Clotilde de Marelle (Christina Ricci). His peasant background has soon become a distant memory as he achieves dizzying success both in his career and in fashionable society.
**1/2 Boring, dull
Season of the Witch
As the Black Plage rages across 14th century Europe, one brave knight Behman, is tasked with transporting a girl suspected of being a witch. Believing she is wrongly accused, Behman and a group of wary followers fight through a mystical and treacherous landscape to a hallowed place, wheer her innocence can be proved and Europe's curse can be lifted.


  1. They look so lovely and make such pretty bag charms. Hope you have a good week.

  2. The hearts look adorable! Well done :-) Simmi x

  3. The handbag heart charms look really pretty. I laughed when I read you review of Bel Ami. As I read it I thought 'oh might be quite good'. Then I read your 'boring,dull' comment. One I'll avoid I think. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x

    1. thank you :)
      yes the movie read well and the clip looked good, but is very dire!

  4. The hearts are brilliant. You have done a really great job on these. Hope you have less traveling this week :)

    1. thank you :) yes i'm hoping to have an easier week this week x

  5. Pretty, pretty handbag charms - I have one that I made a couple of years ago on my keyring. Great for Valentine's or Mother's Day gifts too.

  6. oooh i love your love hearts on the string, such gorgeous colours too, they'd cheer up any room!

    The bag charm is so wonderfully colourful, great idea! x

  7. The hearts are lovely. The colours are really vibrant! Xx

  8. Your hearts look gorgeous. I really like the sunset range of colours you have used. I have just bought some felting needles and red and white materials, so will give it a go soon.
    Wendy x

  9. The hearts look great on the handbag, I recently got some great cutters in Wilkinsons, they are quite small but great for charms etc.

    Jan x

  10. Lovely! Have a good week-end, Jo x