Sunday, 9 December 2012

twitknit club

So this weeks crafts. The main project i've been working on is top secret as it's for a pressie, but that doesnt make a very exciting post!, so instead I will mention TwitKnitClub.!
I originally signed up to twitter to promote my etsy makes, but it has turned in to so much more!
There is a whole huge craft world out there and twitter is a great means to communicate. Whether its sharing tips, showing off makes, giving encouragement, its great to know there is a great support network out there, for what potentially can be a lonely past-time.
Once on twitter I became aware of a group called twitknitclub, this was founded by Scarlett Curtis back in May 2011. Every few months a project a is arranged and all members make something as a contribution to this project, everything from basic squares, to toys, valentines, and even charity knits for sport relief.
I am relatively new to this and have only taken part in one previously.
That was the last Knit Relief assignment, for which I actually crocheted a couple of my 'granny birdies'

Then the public were invited to bid on our items and the money was donated to charity - a brilliant idea!!

So back to the  current project! This time we were split in to groups as there was so much interest. We were then to knit a square for each member in our team. Once all the various squares have been sent out then we get to sew them all together and create our very own unique scarves. How exciting to get a little package in the post and not know what it will look like, what colour or stitches or what yarn will have been used!
I've been a bit slow to get started but i've finally got my first square completed.
I decided to do a large Granny square! I chose a yarn that was not only soft and fluffy but sparkly too!

I must crack on and get the next square completed, well ok started! I think i may actually knit the next one as I haven't knitted for a while and I need to get it finished quick!


  1. Your granny birds is lovely and the colour of your square is gorgeous. Hope you have a good week.

  2. I was interested to read about twitter, as my sister keeps trying to encourage me to join. I get a bit nervous about new computer things, but I guess sometimes the best way is just to do it.

  3. I really like twitter and your group sounds great. I love the yarn you have chosen to make the square - very Christmassy. Have a good week :)

  4. It was great to hear such positive feedback about Twitter. The bird is so cute.
    Ali x

  5. I don't do twitter but I hear some good feedback from it, It's great that you have found a likeminded group, looking forward to seeing the finished 'top secret' prezzie item ;)

    Jan x

  6. Your birds are bright and colourful, just the thing for this time of year. How exciting to receive lots of goodies through the post. The wool for your square looks very warm and cosy.

  7. oooh this sounds like fun!! I must say i haven't really bonded with Twitter - i don't think i really get how to used it properly! The twitknit club sounds like a great idea though :) x

  8. I haven't ventured into twitter yet - I think you need a smartphone - but twitknit club sounds brilliant! Have a good week-end, Jo x