Sunday, 4 November 2012

Wooly warmers...

I've not completed much in the way of crafts this week as my day job does tend to take up alot of my time and energy!

This week i've gone back to knitting, which i have to say felt quite wierd, using 2 needles instead of a single hook!
I used one of my fancy yarns and just knitted a basic stocking stitch length.

But I intend to make it more special by adding a crochet edging (yes crochet had to work it's way in there somehow!)

I've done a picot edging along the length, and I intend to do a scallop edging at the ends, which I will reveal on next weeks post.

We actually made it to a local fireworks display this year, and it was most enjoyable.
*bang* *whizz* *whee* - *ooh* *aaah*

I have booked myself on to a 'needle-felting' half day course, in a couple of weeks time, which I'm really looking forward to. It's something i've wanted to try for ages, and even after purchasing the tools I haven't been too sure as to where to start, so hoping this will give me a helping hand.


  1. The crochet edging adds a bit of extra glam to the scarfs. Bit jealous of you going to a needlefelting workshop! Bet you will have a great time :0)

  2. Oh, I would love to go to a needlefelting class - I'm sure you'll come away inspired. Enjoy!!

  3. love that green yarn! i look forward to seeing it all finished :)

    enjoy your needle felting, it sounds like great fun! x

  4. Loving the crochet edging. I think there is a lot more scope for combining the two crafts than is currently picked up on. Well done on you for doing it. :)Looking forward to seeing it completed.

  5. Amazing wool and the crochet detail is lovely

  6. I'd love to try needlefelting too - do hope you have a good time, it's always great to have a go at something new :)

  7. I love the idea and look of the crochet edging. Have fun with the needle-felting, it's easy and very satisfying too. Had reminded me to look at setting up some workshops in the new year.