Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Owl-ie phone home

This week i thought i would try something different. I was inspired after taking this book out of the library, as they had a cute crochet owl phone cover. I didnt like all aspects of their one, so i thought i would come up with my own. I decided to use the only couple of balls of cotton that i own, as this would be a harder wearing material to use rather than acrylic.

I crocheted a rectangle in SC, and added some triangular ears to one half.

I originally made the blue one, and did it using DC stitch, but it is quite open, hence i decided to try a different stitch, which made it more compact and firmer. But either stitch could be used, and the length of the original chain can be altered to adapt to the size of your phone.

The beak was embroidered onto the main body, and 2 crochet circles were made for the eyes...

I havent quite completed them, as i am in the process of crocheting small squares, for the wings, which will be sewn onto each side.
I am happy with how these have turned out and think they make cute, fun, colourful little phone covers...

I purchased some more balls of cotton today from the lovely planetpennyuk on Etsy. I had seen the yarn on twitter, and mulled it over for awhile, but in the end i couldn't resist the lovely bright colours, and will be very useful for future projects. I'm looking forward to the lovely package arriving...