Thursday, 19 January 2012

work in progress...

As mentioned in my previous post, not a whole lot of crafting has been accomplished in the past month!
I'm still continuing with my pastal skinny crochet scarf, which has grown substantially, and I've finally managed to purchase the last ball required to complete the purple/green scarf.

In recent days I have got into learning more crochet skills, especially with seeing some beautiful pictures of Granny squares that have been uploaded, it compelled me even more to have a go... Again, I've hit some issues along the way, but after some practice attempts I learnt from my mistakes and feel pleased when i've finally mastered it.

This leads me on to one of my recent purchases...
A book of both knitted and crocheted shapes, which includes not only squares, but circles, hexagons, snowflakes and hearts etc...

There are so many great shapes I couldn't wait to make a start. So with Valentines not far away I chose a heart shape to get me started, and now I've started, I don't want to stop!

My second purchase, were some sea-grass storage boxes which we found in the sale. We had been looking for a solution for containing all my yarn and makes, so they didn't completely take over the living room, and these are perfect, and so much more stylish!

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