Monday, 22 August 2011

my next scarf...

Once i am in the middle of a project, i have to use self-control to focus and complete it, as my mind and excitement start to wander towards the next project!
Whilst on a weeks holiday, staying with my Mum, we visited a gift store selling unique gifts, cakes put together with towels and beauty products, which unexpectedly was selling a small variety of gorgeous fancy yarn at a bargain price - which of course i just had to purchase some of! My dilemma was which colour to purchase! In hindsight maybe i should have just bought the lot, as it as such great value - maybe i showed just too much restraint!!

So my next project, inevitably had to be in the bright pink, textured yarn that i had purchased. I was dying to see how this would knit up. I decided to combine it with a pale pink ball of mohair i already owned. This would make the textured yarn go further, plus would hide the itchiness that mohair tends to have.

As yet i do not know how this scarf will pan out - I have no plan for the centre as yet!  I just was too eager to get started!!

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